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EE Student Information, Spring Quarter through Academic Year 2020-2021: FAQs and Updated EE Course List.

Updates will be posted on this page, as well as emailed to the EE student mail list.

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Electrical Engineering Department News

E.g., 2020-11
EE Staff Award Winners! Beverly, John, Chet, Edwin and Denise
August 2019
EE staff recognized for their extraordinary work.
image of EE professor Eric Pop
August 2019
Atomically thin materials developed by Stanford researchers could create heat shields for cell phones or laptops that would protect people and temperature-sensitive components and make future electronic gadgets even more compact.
image of published researcher Anastasios Angelopolous, EE BS'19
August 2019
Their research describes the use of augmented reality to assist people diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa
image of professor emeritus Hellman. Photo Credit: Michael Steven Walker
July 2019
Encouraging scientists to accelerate the trend toward more ethical behavior.
image of outstanding EE staff, July 2019
July 2019
EE staff recognized for their extraordinary work.
image of Professor Subhasish Mitra
July 2019
Developed by Subhasish Mitra and Clark Barrett (CS), future versions will find and fix sophisticated chip vulnerabilities.
image of professor Gordon Wetzstein
July 2019
The award acknowledges contributions to scientific leadership, public education, and community outreach.
July 2019
‘Autofocals' could resolve eyeglass shortcomings.
professor Krishna Shenoy
July 2019
Aim is to build prosthetics that will function via neural activity.
image of EE and CS professor Dorsa Sadigh
July 2019
Her team found combining demonstrations and surveys allowed for efficient and situationally desirable learning, than only specifying preferences.


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