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image of prof. Tom Lee
July 2020
His citation reads “For pioneering CMOS technology for high-performance wireless circuits and systems.”
Image credit: Courtesy Bechtel International Center
July 2020
The Boren Awards provide students with resources and encouragement to acquire language skills and experience in countries critical to the future security and stability of the United States.
professor John Duchi
June 2020
His citation reads, "For your deep and important contributions to convex, nonconvex, and stochastic optimization as well as to the statistical foundations of optimization methods for data science.”
Stanford Class of 2020!
June 2020
Celebrating our graduates and award recipients!
June 2020
We are proud of our history of innovation and entrepreneurship, and of our ongoing mission to address major societal challenges. EE recognizes that we have significant work to do in these areas and we look to the entire EE community to improve our future.
image of prof. Gordon Wetzstein and Isaac Kauvar, EE /PhD
June 2020
Their ‘COSMOS’ system can record motor control and decision making, sensory perception, and is a useful technique to evaluate effectiveness of psychiatric drugs.
image of Jayant Charthad, PhD
May 2020
Their paper is titled, “A mm-Sized Wireless Implantable Device for Electrical Stimulation of Peripheral Nerves."
image of prof Shanhui Fan
May 2020
The two show robust and efficient wireless power transfer using a power-efficient switch-mode amplifier with current-sensing feedback in a parity-time symmetric circuit.
image of prof Jelena Vuckovic
May 2020
Her talk is titled, “Integrated Quantum Photonics”
image of prof Andrea Goldsmith
April 2020
Professor Goldsmith has won the prestigious Marconi Prize of the Marconi Society for “her ground-breaking work to deliver high-performing cellular and wifi services."


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