Undergraduate Degree Progress

Stanford has a long-standing policy that any student may declare any major. Hence, there are no separate “entrance” requirements for the School of Engineering. Students at Stanford also have considerable time to weigh their choice of major, and it is useful to take a variety of courses in engineering before settling on a particular major. The majors offered by the School of Engineering are demanding, but also extremely rewarding.

Students at Stanford must declare a major by the time they achieve junior status (85 completed units). Prospective Engineering majors should review their departmental program section for any major-specific declaration procedures. As the final step, students will formally declare their major in Axess. The steps for Declaring an EE Major are below. 

You must satisfy department or program declaration requirements before you are officially declared in a major. Your academic record will not be changed until you have satisfied all requirements. When the department certifies in Axess that you have met its declaration requirements, an email message will be sent to notify you that your academic record has been updated.

Previous years of the Undergraduate Handbook are available.

The Care and Feeding of Advisors and Advisees document is available to provide some general guidance and encouragement for students and their advisors to have a helpful, productive, and supportive relationship.

Steps to Declare a Major in EE

  1. Declare a major in EE on Axess. Do not declare EE Honors yet. If you decide to do an Honors thesis, you will declare EE Honors on Axess later.
  2. Complete a copy of the Declaring a Major in EE form. The "Area(s) of Initial Interest" is particularly important to assist in the choice of a faculty advisor. It can be changed later.
  3. Email the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Education John Pauly to set up an appointment. Make sure to bring the (1) Declaring a Major in EE form and your (2) unofficial transcript to the meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to go over the basics of getting a BS in EE, and to assign an EE faculty advisor. After the meeting, the signed Declaring a Major in EE form will be sent to the Degree Progress Officer to process.
  4. Meet with the Undergraduate Student Advisor (undergradta@ee.stanford.edu) in Packard 110. The TA may assist you with filling out a program sheet. The program sheet details the classes you will take in order to fulfill the requirements for the major. Information on the requirements and petitions for program deviations, transfer and AP credit can be found in the Stanford Engineering Undergraduate Handbook.
  5. After completing your EE program sheet (PDF | Google sheet), meet with your assigned faculty advisor and have him/her sign it. Return it to the Degree Progress Officer by the end of the quarter following when the major was declared. Changes to the program can be made later by turning in a new program sheet with your faculty advisor's signature. However, no changes to the program can be made during your final quarter.
  6. Please note: You will be subscribed to the EE undergraduate student mailing list. This list is used for announcements about degree requirements and other relevant academic announcements.
  7. Congratulations and Welcome to EE!

Course Requirements

Required coursework toward a BS in EE is detailed in the EE section of the Stanford Engineering Undergraduate Handbook.


Contact Information

Ethan Liang
Undergraduate Student Advisor

  • Spring 2024  Office Hours: 10 am-12:15 pm, Tuesday and Wednesday; and 11 am-12:15 pm Friday.
  • Packard 110, Zoom; password: 213214

Laura Wuethrich
Degree Progress Officer

  • Packard 165, (650) 723-3194

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