PhD Qualifying Exam

Quals Form:

Application for Committee Format Qualifying Examination (students admitted 17-18 and earlier)


All PhD students need to complete and pass the qualifying exam, prior to the end of winter quarter of their second year of study.  You must be registered in the quarter you take the qualifying exam.


The qualifying exam is an oral examination intended to provide the examination committee with evidence of your research preparedness and capabilities and allow the committee to give you useful feedback on your research direction.

Examination Committee:

Your committee consists of 3 members, your advisor and two others. All committee members must be on the Academic Council, and at least two members must be EE faculty (not courtesy). 

You will be responsible for forming your exam committee and scheduling the exam date and room. Once the details of your event are finalized, bring the Application for Qualifying Examination form to the Degree Progress Officer. 

Room Scheduling:

You are responsible for reserving a room for your exam. After you have located a room, check with the person who schedules that room in order to reserve it. (Room list)

Please reserve the room for one hour.

Examination Format:

15 minutes for student to present background and proposed research.

15 minutes for committee to ask questions. Question topics can include the presented research or related general topics.

(Optional) 15 minutes for committee members to make suggestions.

The Faculty committee will then deliberate. Exam results will be sent to you via email within 1 week.

Final Reporting Procedures:

After concluding the exam, the committee members will communicate their votes to Meo Kittiwanich (rather than voting together immediately after the exam ends).  If there is a split vote (2-1 for or against) Meo will give the results to the Associate Chair for Graduate Education, who will make the final decision.

 Feel free to contact Meo Kittiwanich in Packard 163 or call/email 723-6539,