EE Undergraduate Honors Program

The Electrical Engineering (EE) department offers a program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with Honors. This program offers a unique opportunity for qualified undergraduate majors to conduct independent study and research at an advanced level with a faculty mentor, graduate students, and fellow undergraduates.


  1. Submit an Undergraduate Honors Program Application, including the thesis proposal, to the Degree Progress Officer via email by autumn quarter of senior year. The application must be signed by the thesis advisor and second reader (one must be a member of the Electrical Engineering faculty).
  2. Maintain a grade point average of at least 3.5 in Electrical Engineering courses or in all courses.
  3. Complete at least 10 units of EE 191 or EE 191W with the thesis advisor for a letter grade.  EE 191 units do not count toward the required 60 units, with the exception of EE 191W if approved to satisfy WIM.
  4. Submit one final copy of the honors thesis approved by the thesis advisor and second reader to the EE Degree Progress Officer by May 15.
  5. Attend poster and oral presentation held at the end of spring quarter or present in another suitable forum approved by the faculty advisor.

The EE department is participating in the Bing Honors College (BHC) in Summer Quarter. If you would like to participate in this program, please sign up for BHC.

Contact Information

Laura Wuethrich
Degree Progress Officer