Ceremony Instructions for Graduates

EE graduates at commencement

2024 Electrical Engineering Commencement Ceremony

Sunday, June 16, 2024 at 12:00 pm PST • Alumni Lawn

EE Department Ceremony Instructions

1:00 PM PST

  • Students assemble as directed; line up behind the sign listing your degree (PhD, MS, and BS).
  • You will be handed an index card to write your name on. If your name is particularly difficult to pronounce, write it phonetically beneath the correct spelling.
  • Hold on to the index card until it's your turn to receive a diploma case.
  • Give the index card to the announcer as soon as the previous graduate starts walking across the stage. This will give the announcer a few seconds to determine the pronunciation of your name before reading it aloud. Wait at the podium until your name is read.
  • Your tassel should be kept on the left side of your academic cap (mortarboard).
  • MS graduates will place their own hood over head onto their shoulders and button before lining up to receive diploma.
  • PhD graduates should keep hoods unbuttoned and folded over their left arm, until they hand it to the faculty hooder on the stage who will place it over their head and onto their shoulders.

1:30 PM PST

  • Ceremony Begins
  • Staff and faculty will be there to assist you throughout the ceremony.
  • Bring your index card with you as you move to the podium to receive your diploma case.
  • NOTE: You will receive your official diploma in the mail. All diplomas will be mailed after degree conferral. Details via Stanford Registrar's Office.


Additional Information


Contact Laura Wuethrich, EE Degree Progress Officer, at lwuet72@stanford.edu or (650) 723-3194.


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