Part-Time MS (Honors Cooperative Program)

The Honors Cooperative Program (HCP) enables qualified working professionals to pursue the MS in Electrical Engineering on a part-time basis. Many classes are offered online, and it is possible to complete the MS degree requirements entirely from a distance.

HCP students earn and receive the same Master of Science degree as students enrolled in our full-time MS program. Therefore, HCP students and full-time students are required to fulfill the same degree requirements for the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering as outlined in the Electrical Engineering Graduate Handbook

Please take note of the following differences that apply to HCP students:

  • HCP students must complete the 45 unduplicated units within five (5) years of the program start quarter;
    • HCP students are encouraged to maintain a minimum course load of three (3) units (one class) per quarter.
  • HCP students must submit the Master’s Program Proposal by the end of the second quarter to EE’s Degree Progress Officer.
    • The Master’s Program Proposal must be signed by the student’s academic advisor. (HCP students are assigned academic advisors during the admissions process.)

For more information regarding the academic requirements for the Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and instructions for filling out the Program Proposal Form, please refer to the Electrical Engineering Graduate Handbook.

HCP students are fully matriculated graduate students at Stanford University with full student privileges, rights, and responsibilities. As such, HCP students are tested and graded by the same standards as on-campus students. HCP students should review the SCPD's Honors Cooperative Program Student Handbook, which includes details specific to the HCP program (e.g. how to create computer accounts, access online course materials, make tuition payments, etc.).

Effective Autumn 2015-2016, HCP students in the EE department who wish to transfer to the full-time on-campus program may submit a transfer request only after completing a minimum of two (2) quarters (excluding summer) in the part-time program. All transfer requests require review and approval by the EE department.

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