Building Health & Safety

When there is a health or life emergency, call the 911 general dispatch (9-911 on your Stanford phone or 911 from another phone).

View the Basic Lab Safety presentation.


Building Emergency Contacts:


Kenny Green

(650) 804-2032 (cell)  

Kenny Green

(650) 804-2032 (cell)    

Christine Fiksdal

(650) 723-4549 (office)

Anthony To

(650) 272-8306 (office)

Network Emergency Contacts:


John DeSilva

(408) 242-5277 (cell)

Joe Little

(650) 438-2097 (cell)

Charlie Orgish

(650) 868-1809 (cell)

Larry Randall

(650) 213-6635 (cell)

Evacuation Assembly Points (EAP):

EAP #104 on Serra Mall sidewalk just past fountainEAP #104 on Serra Mall sidewalk just past fountainEAP #102-2 on Mudd lawn                    EAP #106 in the center of the Engineering plaza

What To Do In An Emergency:

Type of EmergencyResponse

Health Threatening - Fire, toxic spills, gas leak

  • Pull the fire alarm if alarm is not already sounding;
  • Leave the building immediately;
  • Meet at your assigned Evacuation Assembly Point (EAP);
  • DO NOT re-enter the building until cleared by the Site Commander.
Major Earthquake
  • Take cover; wait for shaking to stop;
  • Leave building & meet at your assigned Evacuation Assembly Point (EAP);
  • DO NOT pull the fire alarm unless there is a health-threatening hazard.
Life-Threatening Medical Emergency (if in doubt, treat as an emergency)
  • Call out for help;
  • Dial 9-911 or 911 immediately (DO NOT hang up until told to do so);
  • DO NOT move the victim unless it is necessary;
  • First Aid - Automated External Defibrillator (AED)/Oxygen units are clearly marked and located in your building.
Non-Health Threatening Emergency(building & facilities)
  • During work hours, call your building's emergency contact (above);
  • After hours, call Work Control at (650) 723-2281.
Electrical Power Outage
  • Emergency backup lights should come on within 15 seconds. Prolonged outages could result in the activation of the EE Hotline: (650) 725-4878.
Odor in the Labs
  • Evacuate if alarm is sounding;
  • Leave immediate area and make sure others leave and close the door;
  • During work hours, notify your building's emergency contact (above). During non-working hours, call EH&S: (650) 725-9999.