2024 commencement
2024 Commencement Ceremony and Awards

Congratulations Class of 2024!


prof Arogyaswami Paulraj
Arogyaswami Paulraj awarded the 2024 Prince Philip Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering UK

His citation reads, 'for pioneering the invention of Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology, the foundation for all current and future broadband wireless communications.’


Amrith Lotlikar, EE PhD candidate
Amrith Lotlikar selected to receive a 2024 Bio-X Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship

Amrith's strong interdisciplinary approach is a perfect fit for the innovative work of Stanford Bio-X.


prof Chelsea Finn
Chelsea Finn’s robot easily sautes shrimp

Researchers created a low-cost, mobile robot that learned to do complex household tasks including cook, put away dishes, and clean up spills.


Manchen Hu, EE PhD candidate
Manchen Hu, EE PhD candidate, awarded an SPIE Optics and Photonics Scholarship

For his potential contributions to the fields of optics, photonics, or related disciplines.


prof Dorsa Sadigh
Dorsa Sadigh awarded National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) Grant

Her project is titled, 'Aligning with Human Preferences for Safe Autonomous Systems’.'


prof Gordon Wetzstein
Gordon Wetzstein awarded the 2024 Otto Schade Prize

His citation reads 'For the advancement of varifocal, light field, and holographic near-eye display technologies optimizing perceptual realism and visual comfort for virtual and augmented reality systems.'


prof Clayton Bates, Jr. (photo credit to The HistoryMakers.org)
Remembering Clayton Bates, Jr., Emeritus Professor

His projects ranged from low-level light detection and x-ray image intensification to the design of the nuclear reactor controls of the first SEA WOLF, the second atomic powered submarine.


prof Gordon Wetzstein
Gordon Wetzstein brings AR to regular eye glasses

Combining advances in display technologies, holographic imaging, and artificial intelligence, researchers have found a way to display full-color, 3D moving images over a direct view of the real world.


prof Caroline Trippel
Caroline Trippel receives Intel 2023 Outstanding Researcher Award

The award recognizes the exceptional contributions made through Intel university-sponsored research that help further Intel’s mission of creating world-changing technology that improves the lives of everyone on the planet.