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E.g., 2021-12
prof Jim Harris
December 2021
As MTF's first guest, Jim shares his journey from a small Oregon farm, to his days as a Stanford student in the tumultuous 1960s, to his adventures in academia and his rich career in electronics and materials.
Professor Shanhui Fan
November 2021
A relatively simple quantum computer design that uses a single atom to manipulate photons could be constructed with currently available components.
prof Eric Pop
November 2021
He is recognized for contributions to phase-change memory, and to the thermal science of nanomaterials and nanoscale transistors.
prof Chelsea Finn, image source:
November 2021
An expert on AI and robotics, Chelsea reports that the latest trend in her field is teaching AI to look inward to improve itself.
November 2021
The sweet sight of teamwork, creativity, and imagination
prof Gordon Wetzstein
November 2021
Augmented virtual reality will continue to transform a number of fields from medical to gaming.
prof Shanhui Fan
November 2021
The fabric stays 3.5C cooler than the air around it, and can be 12.5C cooler than cotton when worn.
Prof Tom Lee with an AM radio he made in elementary school. Photo credit Andrew Brodhead
November 2021
“Rather than fitting [students] into the course, why don’t we fit the course to them?”
prof Dan Boneh
November 2021
Could blockchain be used to improve supply chain management, expedite real-estate transactions and the transfer of deeds, or modernize voting technology?
prof Krishna Shenoy
October 2021
The renewal is in support of his interests in the general area of fundamental cortical motor control and brain-computer interface design.


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