Frequently Asked Questions for Adding the MS

When should I apply?

Applicants must have completed a minimum of two (2) full-time quarters (excluding summer) of technical coursework at Stanford before applying to the EE-MS program. For example, if you entered Stanford in autumn quarter, the earliest term for which you can apply is spring quarter of that academic year.

Applications are accepted for autumn, winter or spring start. See Adding the MS (Grad Auth) Overview for the dates when the application will open and close for each quarter.

I am a current MS student in a different department at Stanford. Can I apply to add or transfer to the EE-MS program through the Grad Auth process?

No; you would need to apply through the annual general admissions process.

Will my application still be reviewed if fewer than two of my recommenders are from the EE department?

Yes; however, at least two EE references are encouraged as they can comment on your performance in EE coursework and/or research. We strongly recommend that all three letters of recommendation come from Stanford faculty (rather than teaching assistants or postdocs). It is ultimately your decision as to which references will best support your application. Your application will still be reviewed regardless of where your letters of recommendation come from.

I have already completed most of the EE-MS requirements. If I apply and am admitted, can my first enrollment quarter be the same as my graduation quarter?

Yes; please read the EE Graduate Handbook carefully to ensure that you have met the degree requirements. If you have any questions after reviewing the handbook, please contact the Degree Progress Officer.