Student Employment

Assistantships (includes CA, RA, and Grader)

The EE department has three (3) types of student employment available to qualified students. The 3 types of positions are Course Assistant (CA), Research Assistant (RA), and Grader.

Course Assistant (CA)

A graduate or coterminal student who works part-time helping an instructor with a class. CA responsibilities can include office hours for individual student assistance, review or study sessions, occasional lectures, preparation of assignments, grading exams, projects, and solutions. A CA for a laboratory class may also be responsible for laboratory supervision, equipment, or demonstrations.

Research Assistants (RA)

RA's work on research projects under the supervision of a faculty member. RAships are available only through the request of a faculty member.

See the CA Appointment Basics page for RA Rates.


Positions are available each quarter. Students must complete the course grader application by answering all of the questions to the best of their knowledge and ability. Students must also indicate all of the courses that they're comfortable and confident in grading on the application, and applicants are required to submit an unofficial copy of their Stanford transcript with each application.

Students will be notified via email by the first week of the quarter if they receive an appointment. Authorization from faculty is not necessary to apply for a course grader appointment. (Students should not assume that they have a course grader appointment just because an instructor told them that they are his/her choice.) Only students who have submitted an application will be considered.

Payroll Information for CAs, RAs, and Graders

All student employees must meet several academic requirements before receiving a paycheck. Student employees also need to be sure their employment forms are up-to-date and on file with the Payroll Office. Please understand that if any requirements or forms are missing or outdated, your paychecks will be withheld, most likely until the next pay period.

Payroll Information for CAs, RAs, and Graders includes how and when you are paid, tax information, and what to do if you don't receive your paycheck.