Technical Resources

Setting Up a Course Website

CourseWork and ITS Course Support Services are the two main course support services on campus for Stanford University’s online class management software.  CourseWork is the preferred choice course support in the EE Department. New features and upgrades are regularly added by Stanford IT, and continuous help and support is available throughout the whole year via HelpSU. More information about how to set up your course web site can be found at  To set-up a CourseWork webpage, please visit:  To set-up a webpage through ITS Course Support Services, please visit:

Email Lists

Email lists are created to simplify the communication with students. Using an email list will enable course assistants to send one email to the entire class.  To get more information go to

Web Pages

To set-up a public course webpage with the URL in the form of<name of your course>, detailed information can be found at

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is another useful communication tool, espcecially for SCPD courses.  Detailed information can be found at