Program Reinstatement

EE students who discontinued their graduate program for any reason must apply to be reinstated in order to re-enroll. Reasons your program was discontinued may include failing to be enrolled by the study list deadline or taking an unapproved leave of absence. Students are encouraged to contact the Degree Progress Officer to discuss their situation in detail.


  • Applications from U.S. citizens/permanent residents are due three (3) weeks prior to the first day of the quarter of re-enrollment.
  • Applications from international students are due five (5) weeks prior to the first day of the quarter of re-enrollment.
  • Start dates for each quarter may be found on Stanford's Academic Calendar.

How to Apply

The following application materials are required for reinstatement. Items 1-4 should be submitted via email to the Degree Progress Officer:

  1. Application for Reinstatement in Graduate Study
  2. Statement of Purpose: Describe activities since leaving Stanford as well as reasons for requesting reinstatement.
  3. Transcripts: Work from any educational institution attended since last enrollment at Stanford.
  4. Letter of Support (Ph.D. applicants only): This letter from an EE faculty member must state the faculty‚Äôs willingness to supervise and provide financial support for your Ph.D. research. Students cannot be reinstated to the Ph.D. program before getting the approval and support from an EE faculty advisor.
  5. Reinstatement Fee ($125): The reinstatement fee ($125) is only applicable to those applicants who are successfully reinstated. Reinstated students will be billed for the $125 fee on their next university bill.