Coterm Admissions Overview

The coterminal degree program ("coterm") allows Stanford undergraduate students to pursue the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering while completing their undergraduate program. Although coterms fulfill the same degree requirements as students pursuing the BS and MS degrees sequentially, being able to pursue the degrees in tandem can shorten the time to graduation.

Coterminal Program (Photo by Craig Lee)


Application Timeline & Deadlines

Winter 2024-2025 Mid-September - November 01, 2024
Spring 2024-2025 November 09, 2024 - January 17, 2025
Autumn 2025-2026 February 07 - April 25, 2025
  • *The first graduate quarter is the quarter in which the coterminal student first matriculates into the master’s degree program (both undergraduate and graduate careers are open).
  • **All applications for a particular quarter are reviewed shortly after the corresponding application period deadline (no rolling admissions). Please allow up to 4 weeks after the application period deadline to receive notification of the admission decision via email.

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Did You Know?

• Recent statistics show that 18 percent of Engineering coterms are able to finish both degrees in four years, and nearly 70 percent wrap up both degrees in five years or less.
• Students may apply to the coterm as early as junior year after completing 120 units, and no later than the quarter prior to expected completion of the undergraduate degree. There must be at least one quarter of overlap between the undergraduate and graduate programs.
• The GRE is not required.
• Applications are accepted for autumn, winter and spring start. See above for the dates when the application will open and close for each quarter.
• Courses taken during or after the first quarter of the sophomore year are eligible for consideration for transfer to the graduate career; the timing of the first graduate quarter is not a factor. No courses taken prior to the first quarter of the sophomore year may be used to meet master's degree requirements.

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Stanford Engineering coterm students gain skills, experience and value in the marketplace

About 40 percent of the school’s undergraduates become coterms, leveraging their time at Stanford to add a master’s degree to their credentials.
Andrew Myers, author

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