Coterm Application Instructions

These instructions are for co-term applicants. These applicants should also review the Stanford Graduate Admissions website for university-wide admissions policies, which we link to in our own instructions where appropriate. In cases where the instructions on the EE department website differ from the Stanford Graduate Admissions website (e.g., the number of official transcripts required), you should follow the instructions on our department website.

We invite excellent students from all backgrounds, including those from historically underrepresented groups in engineering, to consider Stanford University for their graduate studies. In making admissions decisions, the Electrical Engineering Department will comply with the requirements of the law as determined by the Supreme Court of the United States, evaluating each applicant based on their "experiences as an individual—not on the basis of race." We continue to value a diverse student body that benefits the educational experience of our students and our mission of generating knowledge at Stanford University. 


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Step 1: Review Eligibility Guidelines

University Requirements

To be eligible for admission to a coterminal program at Stanford, applicants must meet all of the following conditions:

  • Completion of 120 units towards graduation as shown on the undergraduate transcript, including credit earned from transfer credit, Advanced Placement exams, and other external test credit.

  • Completion of six non-Summer quarters at Stanford; or two non-Summer quarters at Stanford for transfer students.

  • Declaration of an undergraduate major.

  • An admitted coterminal student must have a minimum of one quarter overlap between the undergraduate and graduate programs. If this is not possible, students should consider applying as an external candidate via the annual general admissions process. Such applicants are not coterminal students and coterminal policies do not apply.

  • Students may apply to one coterm program per quarter, and may not apply to another coterm master's program until the admissions process for the initial application has been completed, including the student's response to the offer of admission (if admitted).

Area of Undergraduate Study

Students who meet the above eligibility requirements with a strong technical background in engineering, physical sciences, or mathematics are welcome to apply; an undergraduate major in Electrical Engineering is not strictly required.

While we do not require specific undergraduate coursework for admission, we advise prospective applicants to review the EE Graduate Handbook and the Stanford Course Catalog to evaluate what prerequisites are needed for graduate-level courses in Electrical Engineering.


Applicants do not need to meet any minimum grade point average (GPA) and we do not release information about average GPAs of admitted students. The GRE is not required. As a guideline, successful applicants typically earn undergraduate cumulative GPAs among the top of their class.

It is the EE department's policy not to grant deferrals for offers of admission. As such, we advise you to submit an application only if you are confident about starting graduate study at the beginning of the quarter specified on the application.