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EE Student Information, Spring Quarter through Academic Year 2020-2021: FAQs and Updated EE Course List.

Updates will be posted on this page, as well as emailed to the EE student mail list.

Please see Stanford University Health Alerts for course and travel updates.

As always, use your best judgement and consider your own and others' well-being at all times.

Department Administration



Stephen Boyd
Packard 175
(650) 723-5782

Departmental policy and programs, Chair of Department Executive Committee.

Assistant to the Chair

Marsha Dillon
Packard 174
(650) 723-6471 

Department chair’s administrative support.

Associate Chair of Undergraduate Education

John Pauly
Packard 358

Undergraduate curriculum, TAs, Student Advising

Associate Chair of Graduate Education

Brad Osgood
Packard 271

Graduate curriculum, TAs, Quals, Student progress, Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Associate Chair of Admissions

Howard Zebker
Packard 334


Director of Finance and Operations

Mary K. McMahon
Packard 176
(650) 723-4607

Department administration, financial management, personnel, facilities.

Financial Officer

Lisa Sickorez
Packard 167
(650) 723-2877

Administers operating budget, gift funds; faculty and staff payroll and other financial forms.

Faculty & Staff Affairs Manager

Denise Murphy
Packard 165
(650) 724-7630

Responsible for faculty searches, appointments/reappointments/promotions, and staff appointments. Serves as the primary Staffing contact.

Faculty & Staff Affairs Administrator

Edwin Mendoza
Packard 163
(650) 725-9319

Responsible for processing short-term faculty appointments including visiting professors, consulting professors and lecturers. Serves as department time and leave administrator.

Instructional Labs Manager

Steven Clark
Packard 112
(650) 723-1660

Manages the facilities and scheduling for the department's teaching labs.

Reception & Information Specialist

Vickie Carrillo
Packard 161
(650) 723-3931

Greets Packard Building visitors and directs appropriately. Answer, screen, and route the EE main phone line. Update the Electrical Engineering Department Faculty/Administration list. Packard building conference room coordinator.

Admissions & Student Services 

Director of Student & Academic Services

Meo Kittiwanich
(650) 723-6539

Manage administration of student services: admissions, degree progress, course scheduling and financial aid. Evaluation of graduate applications and financial aid awards.

Graduate Admissions Officer

LaToya Powell
Packard 170
(650) 736-2070

Manage graduate admissions and fellowship appointments. Administer and implement University and Department policies and procedures concerning graduate admissions and financial aid. 

Graduate Admissions Specialist & Student Life Coordinator

Tiffany Tran
Packard 172
(650) 725-9925

Administer and implement University and Department policies and procedures concerning graduate admissions and financial aid. Responsible for New Student Orientation, Visit Day, and student life events. Reception of EE prospective graduate students.

Degree Progress Officer

Rachel Pham
Packard 177
(650) 723-3194

Monitor degree progress for graduate and undergraduate students. Advise graduate and undergraduate students on department and university policies and procedures relating to degree progress. Approve academic forms. Management of PhD oral exam committees and reading committees. Responsible for the department's Commencement events.

Academic Affairs & Programs Administrator

Marisa Cheng
Packard 171
(650) 725-9327 

Manages and coordinates courses and curriculum for Graduate and Undergraduate courses. Manages teaching assistant and course grader appointments as well as the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program.

Student Financial Officer

Teresa Nguyen
Packard 164
(650) 736-8171

Primary contact for graduate student financial inquiries. Process and monitor department's student financial appointments. Visiting Student Researcher (VSR) and Postdoctoral Appointments point person for EE administrative staff for the processing of VSR and Postdoctoral forms and appointments.

Research IT & Web Services 

Contact for support and inquiries. Thanks!

Faculty Director

Boris Murmann
Allen 103

Web Content Manager

Rachelle Mozeleski
Packard 173
(650) 724-1080

Internal and external department web content creation, management and strategy.

System and Network Development Management/Principal Systems Architect

Joe Little
Gates 343
(650) 725-6115

EE Manager of the Gates Building networks, computer facilities, and developer of administrative applications.

System and Network Development Management/System Administrator/Developer

Thomas Carlson
Allen 214
(650) 725-3645

Department network and system administrator for the Allen Building.

System and Network Development Management/Systems and Network Manager

John DeSilva
Packard 126
(650) 736-0460

EE Manager of the Packard Building networks and computer facilities.

System and Network Development Management/Web and System Administrator/Developer

Eric Wheeler
Packard 125
(650) 721-2413

EE department web developer and system administrator.


Facilities and Health & Safety

Kenny Green
Packard 115
(650) 724-3310

Packard and Allen buildings facilities services manager, health & safety and space inventory coordinator.