Deep Electrical Engineering Background for Undergraduates (dEEbug)

The Department of Electrical Engineering has a strong commitment to providing the nation and the world with the future generation of engineering leadership, both through supporting students' academic excellence and fostering an inclusive and diverse student body.

The dEEbug program offers peer tutoring to students majoring in (or considering a major in) electrical engineering. Peer advisors will host virtual small group or individual sessions focused on the core electrical engineering courses. The goal is to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for students, especially those of underrepresented groups to get additional support in the core courses and ask any questions related to homework while creating community.

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dEEbug Evaluation 

dEEbug Peer Advisor Burcu Alici
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Spring 2022 dEEbug Peer Advisors

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Burcu Alici

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About: Burcu Alici is an FLI undergraduate sophomore majoring in EE with a physical technology and science focus. She is interested in the intersection of engineering and neuroscience in deciphering the human brain and applying its neural network to computers. She also enjoys working with avionics and is fascinated by the emerging space industry. In her free time, she likes to bake and watch crime shows!

Advising for EE Core Course(s): ENGR 40M, EE 101A

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