Copyright and Copying Information for CAs

The cost of class handout reproduction has in the past bordered on astronomical and as a result, a 300-page limit per enrolled student per course of class materials handed out without charge was established. To a large extent, these numbers have been observed. In numerous instances, however, materials distributed far exceeded this constraint. Where charges for copy exceed the given limit based on 3 cents per page, the excess will be charged to the instructor's unrestricted account.

When a Reader, including extensive class notes, is involved, a master should be sent to the Bookstore. They will reproduce it and sell it directly to the students. This ensures no extra secretarial time is involved. In some instances where it is more convenient to sell the notes directly, they should be sold at cost since it is not our intent to profit from the sale of notes.

It is important that you keep copyright laws in mind when copying course materials. University policy regarding copyright laws and fair use may be found at and