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Electrical Engineering Department News

E.g., 2021-01
Small wireless power transmitter
May 2014
Ada Poon has invented a way to wirelessly transfer power deep inside the body to run tiny electronic medical gadgets like pacemakers, nerve stimulators or new sensors and devices yet-to-be developed.
Gregory Kovacs
May 2014
The next step in interactive gaming could come in the form of a handheld game controller that gauges the player's brain activity and makes the game more exciting when it senses the player is bored.
May 2014
Three staff members each received a $50 Visa card in recognition of their extraordinary efforts as part of the department’s 2014 Staff Gift Card Bonus Program.
June Wang
April 2014
Administrative Associate June Wang is this month’s Staff Gift Card Program awardee.
April 2014
Hao Nan and Miaad Aliroteh recently won 2014 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowships for their "innovation" titled, "Biometric Authentication with 3D Map of Blood Vessels Using Novel Microwave Imaging."
Mendel Rosenblum
April 2014
Mendel Rosenblum, Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, was recently elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences (AAA&S).
April 2014
Associate Professor of EE and CS Subhasish Mitra is the recipient of the A. Richard Newton Technical Impact Award for 2014.
Donald Knuth
April 2014
Donald Knuth, Stanford Professor Emeritus of The Art of Computer Programming delivered this year’s Kailath Lecture titled, "Let's Not Dumb Down the History of Computer Science."
DiscoverEE Days poster session
March 2014
Twenty-nine current Electrical Engineering graduate students recently presented their latest research posters at DiscoverEE Days – an annual welcome for newly admitted EE PhD students.
March 2014
Department Manager Mary K. McMahon and Facilities and Health & Safety Manager Kenny Green were recently recognized for their exceptional work at the 2014 School of Engineering Service Award Reception.


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