prof Tom Soh
Tom Soh brings hands-on molecular biology techniques to engineering students

Thanks to Stanford University’s Community of Shared Advanced Research Platforms (c-ShARP)


prof James Zou
James Zou, et al, warn on the objectivity of AI detectors

The potential that foreign-born students and workers might be unfairly accused of cheating by AI detectors could be as high 97%.


Douglas Chaffee
Douglas Chaffee nominated for a 2023 Amy J. Blue Award

The Electrical Engineering department is proud to have Douglas as a member.


prof Amin Arbabian and PhD candidates Aidan Fitzpatrick and Ajay Singhvi
Amin Arbabian, Aidan Fitzpatrick and Ajay Singhvi (PhD candidates) develop aerial based remote underwater sonar imaging

Their paper is Highlighted in Nature: Airborne sonar spies on what lies beneath the waves.


prof Shan Wang
Shan Wang’s new material could enable more efficient magnet-based computer memory

The metallic compound could bring more efficient forms of computer memory to commercialization, reducing computing’s carbon footprint, enabling faster processing, and allowing AI training to happen on individual devices instead of remote servers.


prof Shanhui Fan
Shanhui Fan’s radiative cooling heats up Energy Solutions Week

'Energy Solutions Week' showcased innovative energy technology developments.


profs Fan, Miller, Solgaard
Shanhui Fan, David Miller, and Olav Solgård demonstrate a cryptographic scheme in programmable silicon photonic networks

Photonic computing reduces ever-increasing energy costs required to verify transactions in decentralized cryptonetworks.


Annie Ostojic, Prof. Roger Howe, and Peter Mugaba Noertoft
Annie Ostojic & Peter Mugaba Noertoft receive Russell A. Berman Award for Excellence

For their project, “Dry Adhesive Nanostructures Mimicking Geckos' Feet Adhesive Properties."


EE's Lab64 members explore Stanford Dish
Lab64 explores Stanford Dish

Members from EE’s maker lab toured Stanford’s iconic radio antenna - The Dish.


prof and chair Jelena Vuckovic
Jelena Vučković elected to National Academy of Sciences

In recognition of her distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.