EE Newsletter, Issue 7

EE students and faculty
July 2022
Professor and Chair Jelena Vuckovic
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Hello Friends,

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It’s been a while since our last newsletter— greetings!

Embracing innovation has always been a part of the Electrical Engineering department. And in recent years, COVID restrictions tested all of us with the rapid transition of courses, office hours, and research to an online environment, all while enacting health & safety protocols. And through all of it, what really shines through is our Stanford community's flexibility, innovation, and camaraderie!

In that spirit, I’d like to acknowledge all of you for going above and beyond – faculty for the collaborative transition to online (and back again); students for their focus, resilience, and trust; staff for ensuring both critical and non-critical systems remained accessible for everyone; and our alumni for their unwavering support.

I hope you enjoy this issue of our newsletter.
Feel free to drop me a line about how you are these days!

See you on campus,
Jelena Vuckovic

Prof. Krishna Saraswat

Research leads to new photovoltaic materials

Krishna Saraswat and team find efficiencies in a promising group of photovoltaic materials.

Sebastian Fernandez and Arynn Gallegos

EE PhD candidates host SERI's inaugural conference

SERI was organized as a means of providing students with the tools they need to successfully complete undergraduate research and apply to graduate school.

Michael Oduoza and Kao Kitichotkul

Meet Michael Oduoza, BS’21 and Kao Kitichotkul, BS’22

EE's undergraduate speakers for the 2021 and 2022 commencement events.
Michael recorded his speech for the class of 2021; Kao's speech was delivered at our first in-person commencement since June 2019.

Crystal Nattoo, EE PhD candidate

Crystal Nattoo, EE PhD Candidate

"I knew I loved engineering after taking it as an elective in high school, but I fell in love with electrical engineering because I was fascinated with laptops and cellphones back then."