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Electrical Engineering Department News

E.g., 2020-06
March 2019
Five EE staff recognized for their extraordinary work.
EE alum, astronaut Ellen Ochoa
February 2019
The Stanford Engineering Heroes program recognizes the achievements of Stanford engineers who have profoundly advanced the course of human, social and economic progress through engineering.
EE Professor Jelena Vuckovic
February 2019
The idea came from faculty across departments who recognized our unique position to become a leader in the field of quantum research.
Professor Subhasish Mitra and Professor H.-S. Philip Wong
February 2019
Why not build an entire computer onto a single chip? It could have processing circuits, memory storage and power supply to perform a given task, such as measuring moisture in a row of crops.
Jennifer Widom, Frederick Emmons Terman Dean of the SoE and the Fletcher Jones Professor in CS and EE
February 2019
With applications across multiple fields, computer science has evolved to be much more than the study of software and hardware.
Professor Ada Poon presenting at 2019 World Economic Forum
February 2019
For the first time, mental health was a track at the 2019 WEF. The Stanford team presented mental health advancements that utilize “precision psychiatry.”
EE and CS Professor Mary Wootters
February 2019
The Sloan award honors outstanding early-career researchers.
professor emeritus thomas kailath
February 2019
His citation reads "For exceptional contributions to research and education in radio communications".
professor emeritus Arogyaswami Paulraj
February 2019
His citation reads "For seminal contributions to the theory and practice of multiantenna communications systems"
Constantin Dory, PhD candidate and 2019 Microsoft Research PhD Fellow
January 2019
Following a rigorous evaluation process, Constantin is one of ten North American doctoral students recognized for their great accomplishments.


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