image of Prof. Paulraj
Arogyaswami J. Paulraj has been elected to the AAAS

AAAS honors exceptionally accomplished individuals and recognizes excellence.


prof Balaji Prabhakar
Balaji Prabhakar awarded IEEE's Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award

His citation reads, “For contributions to the theory and practice of network algorithms and protocols, in particular Internet routers, data centers, and self-programming networks."


 EE 276 students in the main quad
Q: What do career day, secret codes, and fantasy football have in common? A: EE 276: Information Theory

Students from EE276 created videos for middle school students in lieu of the planned in-person outreach event.


prof Shan Wang
Shan X. Wang co-authors 'smart toilet' research paper

A disease-detecting “precision health” toilet can sense multiple signs of illness through automated urine and stool analysis.


prof Andrea Goldsmith
Andrea Goldsmith named dean of engineering at Princeton University

This accomplished professor, researcher, academician and entrepreneur is poised to apply her experience to new leadership challenges.


prof Chelsea Finn
Chelsea Finn featured as part of the Women in AI, a special project by 'Synced'

She is making a greater impact through research and teaching.


prof Krishna Shenoy
Research by Krishna Shenoy, Saurabh Vyas, Daniel O’Shea and Stephen Ryu, MD finds thinking before doing helps learning more than practice alone

It may mean that concentrating on planning really hard before each attempt is the catalyst to learning.


prof Andrea Goldsmith
Andrea Goldsmith and NAE committee frame diversity statement

The National Academy of Engineering Council approved and published diversity, inclusion, and equity statement, definitions and goals.


Professor Pat Hanrahan, 2019 Turing Award winner
Pat Hanrahan wins 2019 Turing Award

In recognition of his “revolutionary impact” on computer-generated animation.


Cindy Nguyen, EE PhD candidate and Prof. Tsachy Weissman
Tsachy Weissman’s mentorship sparks entirely new research

His group is exploring how engineering projects benefit when the human element is explicitly incorporated.