Asir I. Khan, EE PhD Candidate

Asir Khan (PhD candidate) received the Best Student Paper Award, 2022 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology and Circuits


Asir’s award was presented at the 2023 VLSI Symposium.


Congratulations to PhD candidate Asir Intisar Khan for receiving Best Student Paper Award, 2022 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology and Circuits, for "First Demonstration of Ge2Sb2Te5-Based Superlattice Phase Change Memory with Low Reset Current Density(~3 MA/cm²) and Low Resistance Drift (~0.002 at 105℃)."

Asir's research effort and vision encompass exploring novel materials and their functionalities to enable energy-efficient memory, computing devices and interconnects for 3D heterogeneous integration. His research work has enabled the lowest-to-date switching current density in phase-change memory technology and has been featured in Forbes Magazine and IEEE Spectrum. Asir is advised by Professor Eric Pop.

Asir Khan, 2023 VLSI Symposium, Best Paper Award
Asir Intisar Khan receives Best Paper Award, VLSI Symposium Award Ceremony, Kyoto.


Please join us in congratulating Asir and the other authors: Christopher Perez (Stanford), Xiangjin Wu (Stanford), Byoungjun Won (Ajou University), Kangsik Kim (Ulsan National Institute of Science & Tech), Heungdong Kwon (Stanford), Pranav Ramesh (Stanford), Kathryn M. Neilson (Stanford), Mehdi Asheghi (Stanford), Krishna Saraswat (Stanford), Zonghoon Lee (Ulsan National Institute of Science & Tech), Il-Kwon Oh (Ajou University), H.-S. Philip Wong (Stanford), Kenneth E. Goodson (Stanford), and Eric Pop (Stanford).

Published : Jul 12th, 2023 at 11:13 am
Updated : Jul 13th, 2023 at 09:39 am