2023 graduates

2023 Commencement Ceremony and Awards


Congratulations Class of 2023!


“Commencement means beginning,” stated Jelena Vučković, Jensen Huang Professor of Global Leadership and Chair of Electrical Engineering. “We are here to mark the end of an important segment of your education – your graduation – and to celebrate the beginning of a new stage in your lives. We all know that we live at a difficult time, of great uncertainty about the future of this planet. What is certain though is that your generation is armed with more knowledge than any before you; and that you deeply think and care about the world. I am confident that the future is in great hands – yours.”

Professor and Chair Jelena Vuckovic

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Congratulations to all of our graduates! And thank you to all their family and friends for joining us in honoring their accomplishments!

Presenting the Class of 2023 Awards and Honors:

2023 Design Award Winners
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The 2023 Design Award Recipients

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Professor John Pauly awarded nine undergraduate students with the Student Design Project Awards. The capstone experiences coalesce many aspects of the curriculum and give students opportunity to innovate in novel ways. Congratulations!

  • Maya Czeneszew
  • Brian Kaether
  • Annie Nguyen
  • Jacqueline Tran
  • Ryan Wixen
  • Dennis Woo
  • Ian MacFarlane
  • Sara Davidova
  • Maisam Pyrali

Centennial TA Awardees Christine and Michal
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2023 Centennial Teaching Assistant Award Recipients

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Teaching Assistants who excel in teaching are recognized by students and faculty. The Centennial Award recognizes outstanding service and dedication in providing excellent classroom instruction in the Schools of Humanities and Sciences, Engineering, and Earth Sciences.

  • Michal Maciej Adamkiewicz
  • Christine Cheng
  • Shreya Shankar

Christine Chen 2023 student speaker
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Christine Cheng (MS ’23) 2023 Student Speaker

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Christine Cheng (MS ’23) spoke of her varied interests and described how the discipline of EE embraces all of them. She also spoke of EE’s supportive community that allows students to fearlessly explore their ambitions. 

“[…] let us celebrate the uniqueness that each one of us brings to the table. Let us be proud of our individual strengths and contributions that fuel the innovation that we can create as a team. Together, we have been equipped with the knowledge, skills, and passion to make a lasting impact on the world. As we step into the next chapter of our lives, we carry with us the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and compassion that defines our time here at Stanford's Electrical Engineering department.”  ~ Christine Chen, 2023 Commencement Speaker.

2023 Chair's Award
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Chair's Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education and Advising

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Honoring both exceptional contributions in teaching as well as in advising of undergraduates, the 2023 recipients of the Chair’s Award are Aria Rashidi, Dan Congreve, Dustin Schroeder, and Ayfer Ozgur.

2023 James F. Gibbons Award for Outstanding Student Teaching

The James F. Gibbons Award for Outstanding Student Teaching highlights students who have been nominated by faculty and peers for their extraordinary service as teaching assistants. We are deeply appreciative of the commitment to learning and sharing that our students display. Congratulations!

• Anirudh Vijay
• Ethan Liang
• Conner Cremers 
• Shreya Shankar

Frederick Emmons Terman Engineering Scholastic Award

The Terman Award is presented to the top 5% of each senior class in the School of Engineering. We are pleased that 3 of our undergraduates received this recognition for their outstanding work.

• Parthiv Nandakumar Krishna, BS, '23
• Dennis Woo, BS, '23
• Victor Turbiner, MS, ’23

Ford Scholar Award

The Ford Scholar Award recognizes graduates with the School of Engineering’s highest GPA. Join us in congratulating Parthiv Nandakumar Krishna and Dennis Woo on their extraordinary accomplishment!

EE Honors Program

Our honors program demands independent and creative work at an advanced level – in addition to the standard degree requirements. Students with BS Honors are
• Rinni Bhansali
• Megan Hyatt
• Ryan Matthew Wixen

Master’s Distinction in Research

Our Master’s Distinction in Research program also demands rigorous commitment to research in addition to the standard degree requirements. Our Master’s Degree with Distinction in Research is awarded to Matthew Beauchamp.

Bachelor’s Degree with Distinction

Bachelor’s Degree with Distinction is awarded to the top 15% of the graduating class based on cumulative GPA. Congratulations!
• Lara Arikan
• Eva Batelaan
• Rinni Bhansali
• Hagop Chinchinian
• Parthiv Nandakumar Krishna
• Ethan Li
• Dennis Woo

Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Council Exceptional Master’s Student Award

This award recognizes and honors students' academic excellence, intellectual achievement, and remarkable contribution to the Stanford community and beyond during their time as Master’s Students at Stanford in the School of Engineering. Congratulations!
• Aya Mouallem
• Yunfan Jiang
• Saksham Consul
• Carlota Pares Morlans
• Emma Rose Belliveau
• Manchen Hu

JEDI Awards

The School of Engineering’s Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion – JEDI Awards – recognizes exceptional work done by graduating graduate students in outreach and mentorship which improves the accessibility of STEMM to underserved and underrepresented communities or individuals. Congratulations to
• Iliana Bray
• Francisco Romero

Phi Beta Kappa

EE students elected to Phi Beta Kappa for their academic excellence and breadth of their scholarly accomplishments, are

• Eva Elizabeth Batelaan
• Parthiv Nandakumar Krishna
• Yifan Zhu

Tau Beta Pi (TBP)

TBP at Stanford University serves the Stanford community by acting as a representative entity for academic excellence, leadership, and continued service to our community. Tau Beta Pi is the only engineering honor society representing the entire engineering profession. Students elected to the 2023 class of Tau Beta Pi are

• Eva Elizabeth Batelaan
• Ethan S. Li
• Ryan Matthew Wixen
• Parthiv Nandakumar Krishna

2023 graduates

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