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EE Student Information, Spring Quarter through Academic Year 2020-2021: FAQs and Updated EE Course List.

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Information Systems & Science

Arbabian, Bambos, Bayati, Boyd, Butts Pauly, Candes, Cioffi, Close, Dembo, Duchi, El Gamal, Finn, Gill, Girod, Glover, Glynn, Goldsmith, Gray, Hargreaves, Hesselink, Johari, Kahn, Kailath, Katti, Kazovsky, Khuri-Yakub, Lall, Lee, Levin, Levoy, Macovski, McKeown, Montanari, Napel, Nishimura, Osgood, Ozgur, Paulraj, Pauly, Pavone, Pelc, Pilanci, Poon, Prabhakar, Rajagopal, Saberi, Sadigh, Schroeder, Smith, Solgaard, Spielman, Tobagi, Tse, Van Roy, Wandell, Weissman, Wetzstein, Widrow, Wootters, Xing, Ye, Zebker


Information Systems & Science

Broadly construed, research in ISS focuses on the development and application of mathematical models, techniques, and algorithms for information processing. In addition to work in the core disciplines of information theory and coding, communications and networking, control and optimization, signal processing, and learning and inference, IS research spans several application areas, including biomedical imaging, optical communications, wireless communications and networks, multimedia communications, Internet, energy systems, transportation systems, financial systems, and computational imaging and display.