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Signal Processing & Multimedia

Candes, Girod, Goldsmith, Levoy, Osgood, Raina, Schroeder, Smith, Tobagi, Wandell, Weissman, Zebker

Extracting or recovering useful information while reducing unwanted noise can be achieved using sophisticated mathematical methods and computation to process signals (audio, video, electromagnetic, biomedical, remote sensing, multimedia and others). Applications include multimedia compression, communications, networked media systems, augmented reality, radar and remote sensing, neuroscience, and biomedical systems. In addition to using theoretical analyses and systematic experiments to study the underlying principles, we often build real‐time test beds and prototypes to validate and demonstrate our ideas. Examples include:

  • Image and video coding,
  • Media streaming,
  • Augmented and virtual reality,
  • Compact descriptors for visual search,
  • Personalized and immersive media,
  • Computational imaging and display,
  • Remote sensing of the earth and other planets,
  • Sensors for driverless cars,
  • Signal processing for neuroscience and biomedicine.

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Bernd Girod

Bernd Girod Professor

Pkd 373 (9515)

Lin, Helen Administrator

Packard 217 (9515)

Brad Osgood

Brad Osgood Professor

Pkd 271 (9510)

Lin, Helen Administrator

Packard 217 (9510)

Priyanka Raina

Priyanka Raina Assistant Professor

Allen 114 (4070)

Kline, Julie Administrator

Packard 359 (4070)

Fouad A. Tobagi

Fouad A. Tobagi Professor

Packard 362 (9515)

Xu, Mei Administrator

Allen 203 (9515)

Tsachy Weissman

Tsachy Weissman Professor

Pkd 256 (9510)

Suzanne Sims Administrator

Packard 259 (9510)

Howard Zebker

Howard Zebker Professor

Pkd 334 (9515)

Niu, Helen Administrator

Packard 310 (9515)