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Biomedical Imaging

Arbabian, Butts Pauly, Chichilnisky, de la Zerda, Glover, Hargreaves, Hesselink, Kahn, Khuri-Yakub, Lee, Levin, Napel, Nishimura, Pauly, Pelc, Poon, Setsompop, Soh, Solgaard, Spielman, Wandell, Xing

Basic science questions, as well as clinical applications and translation in collaboration with investigators from the Stanford School of Medicine, are applied to a broad range of imaging technologies – from devices to systems to algorithms – for biomedical applications ranging from microscopy to whole-body diagnostic imaging and image-guided interventions. Examples include:

  • Optics,
  • Ultrasound,
  • Multiphysics approaches including photoacoustic and thermoacoustic imaging systems,
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • Computed tomography (CT),
  • Positron emission tomography (PET),
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),
  • Focused ultrasound surgery (FUS),
  • Differential 3-D Phase Contrast X-ray Imaging,
  • Image processing and understanding,
  • Image visualization and guided interventions (including mixed reality),
  • Electrophysiology and Imaging,
  • Computational microscopy.

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Amin Arbabian

Amin Arbabian Associate Professor

Allen 204 (4070)

Niu, Helen Administrator

Packard 310 (4070)

Joseph M. Kahn

Joseph M. Kahn Professor

Spilker 216 (9515)

Earl, Claudette Administrator

Spilker 213 (9515)

Dwight G. Nishimura

Dwight G. Nishimura Professor

Pkd 255 (9515)

Kline, Julie Administrator

Packard 359 (9515)

John M. Pauly

John M. Pauly Professor

Pkd 358 (9510)

Kline, Julie Administrator

Packard 359 (9510)

Ada Poon

Ada Poon Associate Professor

Pkd 237 (4070)

Xu, Mei Administrator

Allen 203 (4070)

H. Tom Soh

H. Tom Soh Professor

Pkd 361 (9510)

Corbett, Dashiell Administrator

Packard 365 (9510)

Olav Solgaard

Olav Solgaard Professor

Spilker 315 (4088)

Peterman, Yurika Administrator

Spilker 206 (4088)