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E.g., 2019-08
image of Vickie Carillo, EE staff member
May 2019
Recognized for her exceptional dedication and support, Vickie is a treasured staff member, with nearly 40 years at Stanford.
image of Professor Shan Wang!
April 2019
In principle, the group’s test would be less expensive, less invasive and more convenient than colonoscopies and other current tests.
image of professor Jon Fan
April 2019
His research focuses on nanoplasmonic platforms.
image of Stanford undergrad students Andrew Zelaya, Felipe Bomfim Pinheiro de Meneses, and James Milan Kanof
April 2019
Working with students, academics, journalists, and filmmakers they designed a solution to address root causes of why students are not informed about important global issues.
image of professor Eric Pop
April 2019
The episode is titled, "Engineering Novel Solutions for Data Storage and Energy Management in Electronics"
image of professor Srabanti Chowdhury
April 2019
She joins a group of faculty whose aim is to support faculty in sciences and engineering.
image of Mendel Rosenblum [image credit: ACM]
April 2019
The award recognizes his fundamental contributions that enabled cloud computing
image of Professor Balaji Prabhakar
April 2019
Balaji’s research accelerates the timeframe for securities trading.
April 2019
Students from EE376A collaborated with local school to share interactive games, activities and performances that related to communication, measurement, and representation of information.
March 2019
Jelena has been awarded the 2019 Distinguished Scholar of the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics - please join us in acknowledging her groundbreaking contributions!


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