EE Student Information

EE Student Information, Spring Quarter 19-20: FAQs and Updated EE Course List.

Updates will be posted on this page, as well as emailed to the EE student mail list.

Please see Stanford University Health Alerts for course and travel updates.

As always, use your best judgement and consider your own and others' well-being at all times.


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Julie Kline

Julie Kline Staff

Packard 359 (9515)

Binh Q Le

Binh Q Le Casual Staff

Helen Lin

Helen Lin Staff

Packard (9505)

Joe Little

Joe Little Staff

Gates 343 (9030)

Kara Marquez

Kara Marquez Staff

Packard 267 (9505)

Mary K. McMahon

Mary K. McMahon Staff

Pkd 176 (9505)

James McVittie

James McVittie Academic Staff

Allen 336X (4075)

Edwin Mendoza

Edwin Mendoza Staff

Packard 163 (9505)

Bisera More

Bisera More Staff

Gates 340 (9030)

Rachelle Mozeleski

Rachelle Mozeleski Staff

PKD 173 (9505)