Berivan Isik (PhD candidate)
Berivan Isik (PhD candidate) awarded a Google Fellowship in Machine Learning

The Google PhD Fellowship Program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students pursuing exceptional research in computer science and related fields.


photo credit to Ryan K. Morris and the National Science and Technology Medals Foundation
John Cioffi bestowed with National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Biden

For advancements that helped bring high-speed Internet to the world. The digital subscriber line that he helped invent ignited the growth of the digital age, vastly increasing people’s access to information, reshaping the global economy, and ...


prof Arogyaswami Paulraj
Arogyaswami Paulraj awarded the 2023 IET Faraday Medal

For the invention, advancement, and commercialization of Multiple-antenna Input, Multiple-antenna Output (MIMO) wireless technology.


prof Dusty Schroeder
Dustin (Dusty) Schroeder appointed a Bass University Fellow

The program honors faculty for extraordinary contributions to undergraduate education.


prof Joonhee Choi
Joonhee Choi, et al demonstrate Quantum Eraser

The authors show that they can pinpoint and correct for mistakes in quantum computing systems known as 'erasure' errors.


prof Chelsea Finn
Researchers in Chelsea Finn’s lab have developed a new vision-based algorithm, creating an ‘athletically intelligent’ robotic dog

Their robotic dog can size up a challenge, self-select and execute parkour skills based on the demands of the moment.


 Kelly Woo (PhD candidate) and Mohamadali Malakoutian (postdoc scholar)
Kelly Woo (PhD candidate) and Mohamadali Malakoutian (postdoc scholar) win DOE Energy Frontiers Research Center Lightning Talk Challenge

Their title: Leveraging the resilience of diamond with its unique material properties towards Next Generation Grid innovation.


prof Shuran Song
Shuran Song’s robot learns to clean your space just the way you like it

The one-armed “TidyBot” needs only a few starter examples to figure out how you like your stuff put away.


Graduate student Qi Zhou in Dan Congreve’s lab prepares materials for 3D printing … with light.
The science of light

Researchers in the field of photonics are harnessing the power of light to improve our electronics, help us live more sustainably, and learn more about how our bodies work.


prof Gordon Wetzstein
Gordon Wetzstein and Karen Liu discuss digital doubles

Q and A on the state and use of digital doubles technology