prof Mary Wootters
Mary Wootters awarded the James L. Massey Research & Teaching Award

This award recognizes outstanding achievement in research and teaching by young scholars in the Information Theory community.


prof Olav Solgaard
Olav Solgaard and group create elegant light gathering device

Their Axially Graded Index Lens (AGILE) device funnels light into 3x brighter output.


prof H.S. Philip Wong
H.S.- Philip Wong receives 2023 IEEE Andrew S. Grove Award

"For contributions to novel and advanced semiconductor device concepts and their implementation."


Mary K. McMahon, DFO
Spotlight Feature: Mary K. McMahon

In the electrical engineering department, my job is basically to keep the train going down the track – making sure the administrative side of the department runs smoothly.


2022 graduates
2022 Student & Faculty Awards

Congratulations 2022 graduates!


prof Mark Horowitz
Mark Horowitz receives the 2022 ACM - IEEE CS Eckert-Mauchly Award

He is recognized for contributions to microprocessor memory systems.


Prof and Chair Jelena Vuckovic
'Meet the Faculty' with Prof. Jelena Vuckovic [video]

MTF welcomes Jelena Vuckovic who shares her journey from Niš (Serbia), to almost majoring in architecture, to Caltech, her adventures in academia, and her recent times as EE department chair.


Liana Keesing, EE MS candidate, Truman Scholar
Liana Keesing, MS candidate, named 2022 Truman Scholar

Truman Scholarships provide support to attend graduate school in preparation for careers in public service.


prof Amin Arbabian
Amin Arbabian and team enable cameras to see in 3D

With a simple design and some clever engineering, researchers devised a high-frequency, low-power, compact optical device that allows virtually any digital camera to perceive depth.