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Hardware/Software Systems

Arbabian, Boahen, Boneh, Cox, Dally, Dill, Engler, Flynn, Goldsmith, Hanrahan, Hennessy, Horowitz, Katti, Kozyrakis, Lam, Levin, Levis, McKeown, Mitchell, Mitra, Murmann, Olukotun, Ousterhout, Prabhakar, Raina, Rajagopal, Rosenblum, Tobagi, Trippel, Widom, Wooley

Levis and Katti

Hardware / Software Systems

Computational techniques are now a major innovation catalyst for all aspects of human endeavor. Our research aims to develop tomorrow’s information technology that supports innovative applications, from big data analytics to the Internet of Things. It covers all aspects of information technology, including energy efficient and robust hardware systems, software defined networks, secure distributed systems, data science, and integrated circuits and power electronics.