Secure Distributed Systems

An increasing amount of computation is now hosted on private and public clouds, backed by warehouse-scale datacenters. At the same time, web-scale applications such as search, social networks, and software-as-a-service, are changing not just the way we use information, but also the way that people interact with each other. We are investigating next generation computation, storage, and communication platforms that enable and simplify the development of such applications. Moreover, we are developing novel security architectures, exploring new attack vectors, and experimenting with new user interfaces is important, necessary work for enhancing the security of computer systems. Examples include:

  • Low latency data center technologies;
  • Resource efficient cloud computing;
  • Software platforms for coordinating swarms of smart objects and connecting them with web-scale services;
  • Network and web security protocols, operating system and hardware support for security, security through programming language paradigms, cryptography;
  • Security for embedded devices;
  • New applications for cloud computing, e.g., distributed graphics.