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Embedded Systems

Boneh, Engler, Horowitz, Levis, Raina, Trippel

Today, there is computation in everything. Birthday cards can play songs, fireworks use microcontrollers rather than fuses for timing, homes and buildings are becoming "smart", and we wear many computers in our pockets and on our wrists. These systems are characterized by a tight coupling of hardware capabilities, software functionality, application requirements, and physical form factor. They raise many open questions in power management, networking, security, privacy, and administration. We look at new, fundamental ways to design these systems that will make them robust, secure, and long-lived.

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Dan Boneh

Dan Boneh Professor

Gates 475 (9045)

Harris, Ruth Administrator

Gates 495 (9045)

Dawson Engler

Dawson Engler Associate Professor

Gates 341 (9025)

Villanueva, Andrea Administrator

Gates 349 (9025)

Mark A. Horowitz

Mark A. Horowitz Professor

Gates 346 (9030)

Rutherford, Eiko Administrator

Gates 312 (9030)

Philip Levis

Philip Levis Associate Professor

Gates 409 (9025)

Harara, Ann Administrator

Gates 150 (9025)

Priyanka Raina

Priyanka Raina Assistant Professor

Allen 114 (4070)

Kline, Julie Administrator

Packard 359 (4070)

Caroline Trippel

Caroline Trippel Assistant Professor

Gates 342 (9030)

Marquez, Charlotte Administrator

Gates 266 (9030)