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Electrical Engineering Department News

E.g., 2020-06
professor Gordon Wetzstein
August 2018
For his work in advanced display hardware and display-specific rendering techniques.
Linvill (left) and Gibbons (right) with first silicon device, circa 1955
July 2018
Featured speaker Prof. Hennessy presents "The End of the Road for General Purpose Processors & the Future of Computing”. VIDEO AVAILABLE
Yilong Geng (EE PhD candidate) presenting at NSDI '18
July 2018
Prof. Prabhakar’s team introduces ML technique that synchronizes computers within 100 billionths of a second.
July 2018
Their project is titled, "Two C: Transportation Electrification through Ubiquitous Wireless Charging".
image of professor Dwight Nishimura
July 2018
His citation reads, “For pioneering innovations in angiography, fast imaging pulse sequences, image reconstruction, and MR education."
June 2018
June 17th marked Electrical Engineering's 123rd commencement. Congratulations to all graduates and their families!
Dr. Andrea Goldsmith wins 2019 IEEE Sumner Award
June 2018
Her citation reads “For contributions to the fundamental understanding and innovation in adaptive and multiple antenna techniques for wireless communication networks.”
June 2018
EE staff recognized for their extraordinary work.
June 2018
Her research focuses on information theory and applications, and communications systems.
June 2018
The challenge simulates tasks future rovers might need to do on Mars.


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