prof Dan Boneh

Dan Boneh, DeFi, and Bitcoin


Could blockchain be used to improve supply chain management, expedite real-estate transactions and the transfer of deeds, or modernize voting technology?


"This is a fascinating area of research with deep scientific questions. Once you get into the details you quickly realize that this area will generate many PhD theses across all of computer science and beyond."
- Professor Dan Boneh

Professor Dan Boneh heads the applied cryptography group, co-directs both the computer security lab and the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research (CBR).

Founded in 2018, CBR's primary mission is to support the thriving blockchain ecosystem by developing new technologies needed to advance the field by bringing together engineering, law, and economics faculty, as well as post-docs, students, and visitors, to work on technical challenges in the field.

CBR has built an extensive education and outreach program, including on-campus courses, student groups (Blockchain Club and Blockchain Collective), MOOCsworkshops, and conferences for the general blockchain community.


Published : Jun 28th, 2022 at 05:33 pm
Updated : Jul 12th, 2022 at 01:22 pm