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Q-FARM Seminar: Toolbox for Analog Quantum Simulators

Soonwon Choi (MIT)
PAB 102/103
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Abstract: Analog quantum simulation is one of the most promising applications of existing quantum technologies. A defining characteristic of analog quantum simulators is that they often lack the ability to control individual constituent particles in arbitrary ways. In this talk, we will present novel methods for improving the utilization of present-day quantum simulators such as Rydberg atom arrays or quantum gas microscopes. These methods include high-precision benchmarking and advanced measurement techniques. We will briefly discuss our benchmarking protocol for estimating the many-body fidelities of small or intermediate-size quantum systems and present experimental demonstrations of the technique. Then, we will introduce a simple, universal measurement protocol for extracting arbitrary physical properties of quantum states obtained from experiments. Our protocol leverages the information scrambling that occurs in natural quench dynamics of generic quantum systems, providing a scalable and efficient solution for measuring observables that are otherwise not directly accessible. In an ideal limit, our approach performs on par with state-of-the-art techniques such as classical shadow tomography, yet it does not require sophisticated gate operations. We will illustrate the power of our approach with several examples.

Research Interests: Quantum information science, quantum many-body dynamics near-term quantum devices, analog quantum simulations, Quantum chaos and ergodicity.