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EE’s Gingerbread Contest 2021


The sweet sight of teamwork, creativity, and imagination.


Thanks to everyone who participated in EE's Gingerbread Contest!

Fourteen teams stepped up to the challenge of building a gingerbread house. EE's Student Services hosted the festive event in the Packard Building's atrium with plenty of music, food, fun, and of course, sweets.

The judges included John DeSilva, Mary K. McMahon, and Priyanka Raina. Judging criteria included completeness, creativity, and technical skill.

  • 1st - RPicicle and the Gingerbreadboards: Liana Keesing, Matthew Trost, Maria Fernandez, and Anna Mistele
  • 2nd - Team 201: Surin Ahn, Ethan Liang, Emi Zeger
  • 3rd - Midnight Cobras: Calvin Lin, Jordy Mukania, Obi Nnorom, Jr., and Stefan Orosco
  • Honorable Mention - Paulipants Gingerbread Elves: Iliana Bray, Michael Silvernagel, Lisa Yamada, Alissa Ling

Thanks to all of our staff, faculty, and students for your enthusiastic participation!

EE gingerbread house contest 2021

Photos by Krystal Navarro and Chet Frost

Published : Jun 30th, 2022 at 12:25 pm
Updated : Jun 30th, 2022 at 12:33 pm