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2020 Awards


Celebrating our graduates and award recipients!


Congratulations to our 2020 graduates

The Department of Electrical Engineering would like everyone to celebrate and congratulate all 2020 graduates!

It's been a challenging spring quarter, but you all made it through! Please join us to reflect on all of the work you did to get here. It hasn't been easy, and we want every student to know that we value your contributions and look forward to seeing where you go. Congratulations!

CONGRATULATIONS 2020 GRADUATES! From Dean Widom, Professor Stephen Boyd, Student Services, and others!

Celebrating our graduates provides an opportunity to spotlight many awards and outstanding contributions by individuals. 


Design Awards

Undergraduate students that receive the Student Design Project Awards, have demonstrated novel innovation in their capstone projects. The 2020 recipients are Rohan Deshpande, BS '22 and Kao Kitichotkul, BS '22.


Centennial Teaching Assistant Award

The Centennial Award recognizes tremendous service and dedication in providing excellent classroom instruction. Students and faculty nominate outstanding teaching assistants throughout the year. The department is fortunate to have many highly skilled teaching assistants!
• Jonathan Jia-An Mak, MS '20, BS '19
• Lars Thorben Neustock, PhD '21
• Chris Strong, MS '21


Ford Scholar Award

Milind Jagota, MS and BS '20 has received the Ford Scholar Award. Ford Scholars have the highest total GPA and Engineering GPAs in the School of Engineering and are pursuing an advanced degree. Milind will receive a Ford Scholar award certificate and $1,500 check.


James F. Gibbons Outstanding Student Teaching Award 2020

The James F. Gibbons Award for Outstanding Student Teaching Award highlights students who have been nominated by faculty and peers for their extraordinary service as teaching assistants. We are deeply appreciative of the commitment to learning and sharing that our students display.

Congratulations to Elaine Chou, PhD '21, MS '18, Trisha Jani, MS '20, and Jonathan Lin, MS '20 and BS '19!


Chair's Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education

This year's award recognizes Professor Joseph Kahn! In recognition of the tireless work he has done in the area of undergraduate education and contributions to the success of the department. Thank you!


Frederick Emmons Terman Engineering Scholastic Award

The Terman Award is presented to the top 5% of each senior class in the School of Engineering. We are pleased to congratulate our 2020 Terman Scholars for their outstanding work.
• Anthony S. Degleris, BS '20
• Milind Jagota, MS and BS '20
• Joe Lou, MS (CS) and BS '20
• Alex Mallery, BS '20
• Eajer Toh, MS '21, BS '20

2020-tbp-teaching honor roll

Tau Beta Pi (TBP) Teaching Honor Roll (The Engineering Honor Society)

This award recognizes engineering instructors for excellent teaching, commitment to students, and great mentoring. Professor Mary Wootters received this award for her excellent instruction and commitment – please join us in congratulating Mary for her extraordinary teaching!


Tau Beta Pi (TBP) Honor Roll (The Engineering Honor Society)

• Anthony S. Degleris, BS '20
• Milind Jagota, MS and BS '20
• Joe Lou, MS (CS) and BS '20
• Jacob Meisel, MS and BS '21
• Michael Oduoza, MS '22 and BS '21
• Eajer Toh, MS '21, BS '20
• Chris Wu, BS '20 and MS '21
• Not pictured: Michal Adamkiewicz, Erick Blankenberg, Wyeth Coulter, Collin Cremers, Rahul Lall, and Vineet Edupuganti.

2020 PBK awards

Phi Beta Kappa

Seven EE students were elected to Phi Beta Kappa for their academic excellence and breadth of their scholarly accomplishments. Congratulations to all!
• Zach Belateche, BS and MS '20
• Anthony S. Degleris, BS '20
• Milind Jagota, MS and BS '20
• Joe Lou, MS (CS) and BS '20
• Eajer Toh, MS '21, BS '20
• Cole Winstanley, MS and BS '20
• Not pictured: Gregorio Lopes, MS and BS '20


Undergraduate Degrees with Distinction

In recognition of high scholastic attainment, distinction is awarded by the University to the top 15% of the graduating class based on cumulative grade point averages calculated at the end of Winter Quarter. Congratulations!
• Zach Belateche, BS and MS '20
• Anthony S. Degleris, BS '20
• Milind Jagota, MS and BS '20
• Joe Lou, MS (CS) and BS '20
• Alex Mallery, BS '20
• Eajer Toh, MS '21 and BS '20
• Chris Wu, BS '20 and MS '21
• Not pictured: Gregorio Lopes


EE Honors

These undergraduate students maintain a grade point average of at least 3.5 in Electrical Engineering courses and conduct independent study and research at an advanced level with a faculty mentor, graduate students, and fellow undergraduates. Congratulations!
• Yap Dian Ang, MS (CS) and BS '20
• Anthony S. Degleris, BS '20
• Milind Jagota, MS and BS '20
• Alex Mallery, BS '20


2020 Graduates, be sure to add your page to the EE Yearbook!

The EE Yearbook is for all 2020 graduates and walk-through participants. The PDF yearbook will be available to the public in early July 2020 on our EE website:

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