Stanford EE

Building a Bridge from Higgs Factories to 10 TeV Colliders

Spencer Gessner (SLAC)
B052/103A Mad River A Conf. Room

Abstract: The P5 Report identifies the need for a near-term Higgs Factory and a follow-on 10 TeV parton-center-of-mass collider. These facilities will elucidate the Standard Model of particle physics and provide opportunities to discover new physics beyond the TeV scale. In this talk, I will describe a new effort to design a 10 TeV collider based on plasma acceleration. The plasma collider concept is closely linked to R&D activities currently underway at SLAC's FACET-II facility. I will discuss the evolution of test beam facilities at SLAC to support next-generation collider R&D topics including the acceleration of positrons in plasma, staging of plasma accelerators, and non-linear QED studies relevant to beam-beam interactions. I will also discuss near-term applications of plasma accelerators for High Energy Physics experiments, including the use of plasma acceleration to more-than-double the energy of electrons sent to the LDMX dark matter experiment. While the proposed 10 TeV plasma collider may be decades away, the Electron-Ion Collider will begin construction in the next few years and a circular or linear Higgs Factory will follow shortly after that. I describe mission-critical R&D tasks for these future colliders that leverage SLAC's core competencies and can be carried out at SLAC's test beam facilities. Finally, I will discuss mentoring, training, and a long-term plan for accelerator workforce development in support of our ambitious collider program.