Stanford EE

Brain-computer interfaces to understand and restore human cognitive abilities, starting with speech

Prof Sergey Stavisky, PhD (UC Davis)
Zoom; CAM Room 360 Yucca

Abstract: Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are poised to profoundly transform human health by treating devastating – and currently incurable – nervous system injuries and diseases with precise, circuit-level measurements and interventions. BCIs can potentially restore the ability to speak, move, remember and more. However, repairing or replacing patients’ damaged cognitive abilities requires a platform for understanding human-specific neural functions and designing, testing, and refining therapies in people. I will describe how my group has developed intracortical BCIs to restore speech to clinical trial participants with paralysis, and how we are developing new neural interfaces for human use. This strategy aims to help individuals with severe speech and motor impairment in the near-term, and in doing so, validate the safety of new devices capable of treating a wider range of conditions.

  • Host: Dr. Gordon Li
  • Department contact: Christina Bazan
  • Date: Wednesday, May 15th, 2024
  • Time: 11AM – 12PM
  • Location: Center for Academic Medicine (CAM) – Room 360 Yucca
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 930 5606 9904
  • Password: 891310