Stanford EE

Quantum networks linking diamond spin qubits, inside and outside the lab

Ronald Hanson (QuTech and Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft)
AllenX 101X

Abstract: Future quantum networks, spanning a Quantum Internet, may harness the unique features of entanglement in novel applications such as blind quantum computation, secure communication, and enhanced metrology. To fulfill these promises, a strong worldwide effort is ongoing to gain precise control over the full quantum dynamics of multi-particle nodes and to wire them up using quantum-photonic channels. Recently, new insights into qubit control combined with strong engineering efforts have enabled first demonstrations of rudimentary networks based on solid-state electron and nuclear spin registers.

In this talk I will briefly introduce the field of quantum networks. I will then present recent experiments using diamond color center qubits in detail. First, I will describe the realization of a three-node entanglement-based quantum network in the lab. This work establishes a platform for exploring, testing, and developing multi-node quantum network protocols and a quantum network control stack. Second, I will present very recent results on entanglement distribution between color center qubits on metropolitan scale using deployed fiber. The new challenges that come with large qubit separation are discussed as well as our solutions to these. I will finally provide a perspective and some early results on scaling the qubit hardware.