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Radio Club Weekly QDX Kit Building Activity

Packard 051

Schedule: We'll meet Saturdays, 1pm-3pm, starting January 14th. We'll plan to complete most of the kits in 4 weeks, but we'll schedule a couple additional weeks for those who need more time.

Location: We're currently planning to use Room 051 in Packard. We'll send an update if there are any changes.

Kit Assembly: To prepare for the activity you can download the kit assembly manual. The manual also has a good description of how the circuit works. We'll talk more about the circuit operation as we build the kits.

License: You'll need an Amateur Radio License to transmit signals with your radio kit. Prof. John Pauly will be teaching a 6-week license class, meeting once per week for 1 hour. When we meet on Jan. 14th, we'll set the class schedule based on people's availability.

For preparation, you can review Prof. Pauly's lecture slides from last year.