Apple Stanford EE Coterm Scholarship in Integrated Systems FAQ

How are Apple Masters Scholars in Integrated Systems selected?

The Apple HWT team and Stanford evaluate all applicants against a number of criteria. This includes past expressed interest in courses, research, and/or internships in the areas of IC engineering, SoC Design, or Computer Architecture. Furthermore, we are looking for top students who wish to continue to study in these areas. Stanford and Apple are both interested in working towards achieving the benefits of a broadly diverse student scholarship group. Students selected as finalists will be informed and interviews will be scheduled. Feedback from these interviews will also be considered in the selection process. Note that it is possible to be offered an internship without designation as an Apple Masters Scholar. However, all Apple Masters Scholars will be expected to complete an internship.

How many Apple Scholars in Integrated Systems (Coterm) are there?

As of fall 2021 there will be up to 4 per year.

I already have an internship lined up with another company for next summer, can I still apply?

At this time, satisfactory completion of an internship with Apple HWT is required. Please indicate when you would expect to be able to intern at Apple in your application.

Can I intern at Apple more than once?

Although it’s not a requirement, if you and your manager agree and the timing works out, we would love to have you back for multiple internships.

Whom should I contact with any additional questions?

What courses are recommended?

Recommended courses for applicants expressing interest in IC engineering and Computer Architecture. Preference will be given to students who have already expressed interest through their course selection. Some of the recommended courses include:

  • EE114/EE214A, EE214B, EE271, EE272 A,B, EE251, EE292A, EE308, EE315
  • EE314A,B,
  • EE273, EE282, EE285 (CS241), EE292A, EE382A, EE309 A, B
  • EE216


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