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Energy Harvesting & Conversion

Bent, Chowdhury, Congreve, Fan, Harris, Hesselink, Howe, Pop, Rivas Davila, Saraswat, Solgaard, Vuckovic

The study of electronics and photonics play a central role for energy harvesting and conversion. For example, the harvesting of solar energy requires significant advance in both electronics and photonics. In addition, the majority of electronics today are fundamentally limited by the energy they consume. Conversely, the availability of more varied energy sources would enable functionality and ubiquity of electronics not yet possible today. Even when power is readily available, some electronics must obey very strict thermal requirements, such as those that come in contact with the human body. Examples include:

  • Thermoelectric nanomaterials for thermal energy harvesting;
  • Fundamental research into the nanoscale physics of electron-phonon energy interaction;
  • Heat-sensitive electronics and their interaction with strict temperature environments such as car engines, the human body, or extraterrestrial applications;
  • Energy harvesting from vibrations (piezoelectrics), thermo-acoustic energy conversion, and chemical reactions;
  • Renewable energy research including photovoltaics, thermophotovoltaics and radiative cooling.


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Srabanti Chowdhury

Srabanti Chowdhury Associate Professor

Frost, Chet Administrator

Allen 329X (4075)

Daniel Congreve

Daniel Congreve Assistant Professor

Barrera, Fely Administrator

Allen 332X (4075)

Shanhui Fan

Shanhui Fan Professor

Spilker 314 (4088)

Ungson, Socorro Administrator

Spilker 213 (4088)

Roger T. Howe

Roger T. Howe Professor

Allen 314X (4070)

Chaffee, Douglas Administrator

Packard 259 (4070)

Eric Pop

Eric Pop Professor

Allen 335X (4075)

Frost, Chet Administrator

Allen 329X (4075)

Juan Rivas

Juan Rivas Associate Professor

Allen 210 (4070)

Chaffee, Douglas Administrator

Packard 259 (4070)

Krishna Saraswat

Krishna Saraswat Professor

Allen 326X (4075)

Frost, Chet Administrator

Allen 329X (4075)

Olav Solgaard

Olav Solgaard Professor

Spilker 315 (4088)

Peterman, Yurika Administrator

Spilker 206 (4088)

Jelena Vuckovic

Jelena Vuckovic Professor

Spilker 209 (4088)

Rieko Sasaki Administrator

Spilker 306 (4088)