Nanoelectronic Devices and NanoSystems

New and innovative materials, structures, process, and design technologies are explored for nanoelectronics, information technology, energy, environment, and biomedical applications. Examples include:

  • Machine learning, graph algorithms or graph analytics;
  • Silicon, germanium, and III-V compound semiconductor devices, metal gate/high-k MOS, and interconnects for nanoelectronics;
  • Device applications of new materials such as carbon (carbon nanotube, graphene), two-dimensional (2D) layered materials (e.g. MoS2, BN) and semiconductor nanowires;
  • Memory devices such as Flash, phase change memory, metal oxide resistive switching memory;
  • New fabrication technologies for scaling logic and memory devices into the nanometer regime, 3D-integrated circuits with multiple layers of heterogeneous devices, metal, and optical interconnections;
  • Compact modeling, technology computer aided design, and ab initio modeling of electronic materials and devices;
  • Magnetic nanotechnologies and information storage.