EE-CS Courses at Stanford

Stanford Computer Science and Electrical Engineering are deeply interrelated disciplines, and numerous faculty members are jointly appointed in the two departments. Many fundamental principles, key technologies and important applications lie at the intersection between the two disciplines.

The intersection of EE and CS is addressed by many courses, including those listed below. We encourage students in both the Stanford Department of Electrical Engineering and the Stanford Department of Computer Science to consider including these courses in their degree programs.

Course Number: Course Name
 CS Courses, Stanford ExploreCourses EE Courses, Stanford ExploreCourses
 CS 103: Mathematical Foundations of Computing EE 101A: Circuits I
 CS 106B/ENGR 70B: Programming Abstractions EE 101B: Circuits II
 CS 106X/ENGR 70X: Programming Abstractions (Accelerated) EE 102A: Signal Processing and Linear Systems I
 CS 107: Computer Organization and Systems EE 102B: Signal Processing and Linear Systems II
 CS 107E: Computer Systems from the Ground Up EE 103: Introduction to Matrix Methods
 CS 108: Object-Oriented Systems Design EE 108: Digital System Design
 CS 109: Introduction to Probability for Computer Scientists EE 109: Digital Systems Design Lab
 CS 110: Principles of Computer Systems EE 179: Analog and Digital Communication Systems
 CS 131: Computer Vision: Foundations and Applications EE 180: Digital Systems Architecture
 CS 140: Operating Systems and Systems Programming EE 262: Two-Dimensional Imaging
 CS 143: Compilers EE 263: Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems
 CS 144: Introduction to Computer Networking EE 264: Digital Signal Processing
 CS 145: Introduction to Databases EE 271: Introduction to VLSI Systems
 CS 148: Introduction to Computer Graphics and Imaging EE 273: Digital Systems Engineering
 CS 149: Parallel Computing EE 278: Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing
 CS 155: Computer and Network Security EE 285/CS 241: Embedded Systems Workshop
 CS 194: Software Project EE 282: Computer Systems Architecture
 CS 194W: Software Project (WIM) EE 364A/CS 334A: Convex Optimization I
 CS 223A: Introduction to Robotics EE 364B: Convex Optimization II
 CS 225A: Experimental Robotics EE 368: Digital Image Processing
 CS 229: Machine Learning EE 376A: Information Theory
 CS 231A: Computer Vision: From 3D Reconstruction to Recognition EE 382C: Interconnection Networks
 CS 244: Advanced Topics in Networking EE 384A: Internet Routing Protocols and Standards
  EE 384B: Multimedia Communication over the Internet
  EE 384C: Wireless Local and Wide Area Networks
  EE 384S: Performance Engineering of Computer Systems and Networks
  EE 384X: Packet Switch Architectures