partial image of book cover, "Pixels & Paintings"

David G. Stork to present computer analyses of Vermeer's works


In addition to the largest exhibition of Vermeer's work, the Rijksmuseum will host the Vermeer International Symposium,  where researchers will offer lectures to better understand how this artist executed his works.


Johannes Vermeer is widely considered one of the greatest painters of the Western canon and while he leaves us a mere 34 paintings, these include extraordinary masterpieces such as Girl with a Pearl Earring, View of DelftArt of Painting, and others.  This spring, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is holding the largest exhibition of this master's work ever, comprising 28 of his paintings. As part of this exhibition, there will be a two-day invitation-only Vermeer International Symposium of lectures by experts considering new imaging and scientific studies, and cultural analyses, all to better understand how this artist executed his works. 

Electrical Engineering Visiting Lecturer David G. Stork has been invited to present his computer image analyses of Vermeer's works, centered on analysis of lighting, form, "optical" phenomena, and more. Such material will appear in his forthcoming Pixels & paintings: Foundations of computer-assisted connoisseurship (June 2023, Wiley), and his spring sophomore seminar, EE12Q: Science, Technology, Art.   

cover of 'Pixels & Paintings' by David G. Stork
Cover of David G. Stork's forthcoming "Pixels & Paintings"
Published : Feb 3rd, 2023 at 12:00 pm
Updated : Feb 6th, 2023 at 04:09 pm