Biomedical Imaging

Arbabian, Butts Pauly, de la Zerda, Ellerbee, Glover, Hargreaves, Hesselink, Khuri-Yakub, Lee, Levin, McConnell, Napel, Nishimura, Pauly, Pelc, Poon, Solgaard, Spielman, Wandell

Basic science questions, as well as clinical applications in collaboration with investigators from the Stanford School of Medicine, are applied to a broad range of imaging technologies, from devices to systems, for biomedical applications ranging from microscopy to whole-body imaging. Examples include:

  • Optics and ultrasound,
  • Computed tomography (CT),
  • Positron emission tomography (PET),
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),
  • Differential 3-D Phase Contrast X-ray Imaging.


Amin Arbabian

Amin Arbabian Assistant Professor

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Guerra, Ann Administrator

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Kim Butts Pauly

Kim Butts Pauly Professor Radiology
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Adam de la Zerda

Adam de la Zerda Assistant Professor Structural Biology
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Audrey Ellerbee

Audrey Ellerbee Assistant Professor

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Ayres, Susan Administrator

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Gary Glover

Gary Glover Professor Radiology
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Brian Hargreaves

Brian Hargreaves Associate Professor Radiology
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Butrus Khuri-Yakub

Butrus Khuri-Yakub Professor (Research)

Spilker 217 (4088)

Ungson, Socorro Administrator

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Jin Hyung Lee

Jin Hyung Lee Assistant Professor Bioengineering
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Craig Levin

Craig Levin Professor Radiology
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