PhD Qualifying Exam

Students in the PhD program wishing to advance to candidacy must first pass the Electrical Engineering Qualifying Examination, which takes place once each year during the winter quarter.

The examination consists of 10 separate 10-minute oral exams given individually in one day by the professors on the student's examination committee. For more information about the Quals Exam, please visit the EE Graduate Handbook.

Previous Qualifying Examination Schedule (2014-15 TBA)

October 1 Online sign up form available
November 1 Deadline for submitting quals sign up form
December 24 Deadline for submitting initial examiner preference form
January 7 Revisions to examiner preference form must be made by 8:00 pm
January 10 Exam schedules (without names) are sent to all candidates
January 10-14 Examiner names are sent to candidates three days before exams
January 13-17 Qualifying examinations held
January 22 Examination results announced

Examiners for 2014-2015 Qualifying Examination

The list of examiners for the 2014-2015 quals will be available in early November.

Question Areas and Courses for Previous Qualifying Examination

  • Computer Architecture and Logic Design
    • EE 108B. Digital Systems II
    • EE 109. Digital Systems Design Lab
    • EE 271. Introduction to VLSI Systems
    • EE 282. Computer Systems Architecture
  • Computer Systems Software
    • CS 106X. Programming Methodology and Abstractions (Accelerated)
    • CS 161. Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    • EE 284 or EE 284A. Introduction to Computer Networks
    • CS 140. Operating Systems and Systems Programming
    • CS 248. Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Electromagnetics
    • EE 141. Engineering Electromagnetics
    • EE 242. Electromagnetic Waves
  • Electronic Circuits
    • EE 101A. Circuits I
    • EE 101B. Circuits II
    • EE 114 / 214A. Fundamentals of Analog Integrated Circuit Design
    • EE 122A. Analog Laboratory
    • EE 133. Analog Communications Design Laboratory
    • EE 271. Introduction to VLSI Systems
  • Electronic Devices
    • EE 116. Semiconductor Device Physics
    • EE 216. Principles and Models of Semiconductor Devices
  • Engineering Physics
    • EE 41. Physics of Electrical Engineering
    • EE 141 Engineering Electromagnetics
    • EE 228. Basic Physics for Solid State Electronics
  • Signals
    • EE 102A. Signal Processing and Linear Systems I
    • EE 102B. Signal Processing and Linear Systems II
    • EE 178/278A. Probabilistic Systems Analysis
    • EE 179. Analog and Digital Communication Systems
  • Systems
    • EE 101A. Circuits I
    • ENGR 105. Feedback Control Design
    • EE 261. The Fourier Transform and its Applications
    • EE 263. Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems

Statistics for past years' Quals

Students needing to retake the quals exam will move on to the Committee Format Exam.