1 Sat.- 2 Sat.
With Aunt Amalia to Niagra. We left Stockbridge by coach at 9:45, to take the train on the State Line and we arrived at Niagra Falls after 2 in the morning. We went to the Cataract House.
Sun. 4
From Niagara at 7:25, to Saratoga after 6. To the Clarendon Hotel for the night. To see Mrs Pennington who leaves tomorrow.
Tu. 5
To see rooms that we took at the Everett. To the station at 8 to meet Mama, Aug., and Elena who came from Stockbridge.
Thurs. 7
We all started drinking the "Hawthorn Spray." Mrs Ruggles came to see us.
Friday 8
To see Mrs John Gitting Mrs James G. and her daughter at the "Grand Union" where we met Mr West and Victoria. For the evening to hear the music at the "United States." We met Mrs Geo. Bird and her sister Mrs ? and Mr Cont? Mr de Councy and the Thompsons of Baltimore. Mama and I by coach with Mrs Ruggles.
Sat. 9
Spent with Augustin and Elena. The Thompsons came. For the evening at the "Grand Union" with the Gittings and the Wests.
Sunday 10
To church. Miss Stocker and her niece Miss Cox, Mr. West and Victoria came.
W. 13
Yesterday spend with Ag. and Max. The morning at the "Grand Union," for the evening to see Mrs & Miss Cox and Miss Stocker.
Th. 14
Mr Taylor came, Admir. & Mrs Carter.
F. 15
To the park with Elena. Mrs Ruggles came.
M. 18
We left Saratoga at 8:40 AM. We arrived at New York after 2. To 6 guest houses withoud finding rooms. Finally at the N.Y. hotel, where ???,

After dinner to the Nogueiras. Augustine to Quincy.

Tues. 19
Went to look for rooms. We changed from 12 W 10th St to the Misses Cadle at $2 a day. To see Mrs Edw. Potter and ???.

Passed time at the streets and shops.

September 1882 12 W. 10th St N.Y.

Wed. 20
Did not go out. Mrs Wood and Mrs Potter came.
Sun. 24
To Trinity Church (high). Ethel Potter came. To see Miss Morgan at 62nd St and 8th Ave with Aunt Amalia. All to see Aunt Louisa. 50th and stayed for tea.
Wed. 27
The Misses Routh here. I to the N.Y. Hotel to see Mathilde and Mme Chaffraix.
Fri. 29
Papa returned from the West. Dined with Mme Chaffraix.

Robert M. Gray, September 23, 2005